Tinnitus Treatment Home Program

Who should own this program?

This program was designed for:

  • Anyone who suffers from tinnitus –  Whether your cause is emotional, physical, or some combination of the two, this program helps you to learn how to manage your tinnitus and promote habituation.
  • Family, friends, and loved ones of someone who suffers from tinnitus – Family, friends, and loved ones benefit from this program as it gives insight into what someone you care about is going through and how you could possibly help them.
  • Healthcare professionals and therapists – Professionals could also benefit from this program by gaining insight and understanding, as well as learning exercises to promote tinnitus management and reduction.

What is included in the Tinnitus Treatment Home Program?

  • 12 self-hypnosis recordings including one subliminal recording
  • Tinnitus reduction exercises, tinnitus distress survey, tinnitus checklist, and tinnitus log all on a pdf file that you can print out
  • Audio recordings to discuss and outline tinnitus treatment

Topics include

  • diet
  • medication
  • various methods of treatment
  • whether or not an osteopath would be a viable option
  • self-hypnosis


  • Streamline your plan and work on giving yourself the best possible chance to experience relief.
  • You will find out what therapies work.
  • Know your intervention options.
  • Understand medications that have helped others in the past which you can discuss with your doctor.
  • Listen to case studies and find out what other clients have done in the way of therapy, intervention, self-hypnosis, and medication to get well.

Have a better understanding of:

  • How tinnitus works
  • What is effecting your tinnitus.
  •  How you can “interrupt” the cycle and ultimately break it to bring the volume down.

Learn practical reduction exercises you can use everyday to:

  • Detach emotionally from your tinnitus
  • Promote new neuropathway growth
  • Promote habituation

You will:

  • Understand the concept of habituation and how vital it is to experiencing a volume reduction
  • Understand the definition of hyperacusis and how it pertains to tinnitus
  • Learn how to reduce or extinguish hyperacusis symptoms to promote volume reduction
  • Discuss diet and exercise and how they can impact your tinnitus
  • Understand supplements – what works and what doesn’t
  • Explore the various options open to you to get well from devices such as TRT, neuromonics, or Widex to Trans-magnetic Stimulation to Hypnotherapy

The original price of this treatment plan was $197.00.

But now you can own this entire program for only:  


That is a savings of over $137.00!  It’s a small price to pay for relief.

    $59.99 Tinnitus Treatment Program THIS IS DOWNLOAD ONLY


I have heard those words ‘Sorry, there is nothing I can do,’ and ‘You’ll just have to learn to live with it,’ for different reasons but I can’t imagine tinnitus waging war in someone’s head and hearing those words.  You don’t have to feel lost and you can get your life back.  It does take commitment, but isn’t feeling like yourself again worth it?

I believe in this process and have observed first hand so many people who were on the edge, telling me ‘I just don’t know if I can live like this,’ make their way back to having a fulfilling life.

‘My promise and guarantee is that if you don’t experience relief within 3 months of your purchase, you can return your purchase for a full refund, or you can apply the entire cost of the program toward the cost of a private session.  We truly want to help you gain control over your Tinnitus and your life again.’    

Jennifer Battaglino

Please email customer service at jb@jenniferbattaglino.com for more information or with any inquiries

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