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Achieve Your Goals...     

    Whether you want to work on something that has recently surfaced or  address an issue that has been ongoing for years,  you can make a change and experience positive results.   


Do you or someone you know experience unwanted “ringing” or sound that no one else can hear?

According to the American Tinnitus Association, over 50 million Americans have tinnitus, also commonly known as ringing in the ears.  Many people are told there is nothing that can be done to get well which is untrue.  There are many ways to promote habituation and volume reduction.

Anxiety, Depression,
and Trauma

I utilize evidence based treatments to help my clients experience relief, peace, and success. Depending on the issue, you may experience a positive change in the first session.  Many of the techniques I use are "content-free" so you can experience relief without revealing details you may not be comfortable with disclosing.


If you:

  • are currently in a relationship

  • cannot easily get into or sustain a relationship

  • want to move on from a broken relationship

...then we can work together to create positive change whether it’s the relationship you are presently in or the want you are looking forward to.

Pre-teens & Teens
  • Do you find it difficult to focus in class?

  • Are you trying to sort out relationships at school or home?

  • Do you want to change unwanted habits and behaviors?

  • Do you experience social anxiety or performance anxiety?

  • Do you know the material and then freeze during a test or presentation?

  • Are you adjusting to a new environment such as a new school or college?

  • Do you want to be able to speak freely in a safe environment to work something out that has been on your mind?

   I love working together to figure it all out, using effective techniques for quick results, and empowering you to achieve all of your goals. 

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