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A friend asked me about my experience with a therapist and I recommended he speak with you.  You did wonders for Lila and in our couples meetings I received valuable help.



I tried about ten different therapists before finding Jen. It was a pleasure to find someone who takes the time to give me the care I need and better yet, who is great at actually discussing my concerns and helping me find solutions. Too many of the others I tried seemed to just zone out until they found an appropriate juncture to say "and how did that make you feel?"

Jen is engaging and caring. You will never feel as if she's making her shopping list in her head while you pour out your heart's concerns. Another thing is that she isn't the type that went straight from school to practice without having average life experiences, so she's able to relate to problems in a realistic way.


New Jersey

Just a quick update:

My life has gone back to normal!!!! I seriously cannot begin to tell you how much better Ive felt after we were done with our Tinnitus Teleconsult.

I believe I have been able to emotionally detach from the tinnitus, It's still there but it doesn't bother me, I have been able to socialize, play music, sleep, take cat nap and work without a problem (only in two occasions but it wasn't a big deal. I believe all the stuff you taught me were VERY instrumental in my recovery and three months later, it doesn't bother at all! I go through a whole day without even knowing its there...even days! it's truly a miracle. Jennifer I can't begin to thank you! You were the turning point in my battle and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Puerto Rico

Thanks to your advice... the volume has gone right down (I.e. Today I can hear nothing). So a heart felt thanks again - it was also a pleasure to listen to someone who actually understands and cares...



(in reference to a teenage girl traumatized from a car accident)

Such a huge difference... She even sat in the front on the way...home. Thank you so much... What ever you did she needed it!


New York

I just wanted to reach out to you

without Jim's knowledge, to thank you for helping him. Not only is

he getting better but WE are getting better because of you.

As you know, it has been a journey with many peaks and valleys but,

with your continued guidance and help, the peaks are winning out.

Again, thank you so much. 



Just want to let you know that I think of you quite often.


You saved my life a few years ago.  I continue to have Tinnitus ( much less intense and intermittent) but manage to live quite normally.


I continue to be thankful of you and pray for your well being.


New Jersey

Your sessions with me changed my life. Thank you so much! (tinnitus)



…Just wanted to give you and update to tell you I contribute my progress to God, hypnotherapy, diet, and you. I hope you’re doing great and people like you are 1 in a million!



…For the first time in a long time, I can go through a day without panic…


New York

This was the most mentally devastating experience of my life. At one point I thought it might destroy me, but working with you turned it into a period of personal growth for which I am stronger and happier than I have been in years. And your voice is so soothing. Thank you again!



“…I’m feeling more hopeful and stronger. The time I spent doing therapy with Jennifer was truly a blessing. Jennifer was great to work with, and is just a wonderful and likeable person! So thanks for the suggestion to go east!



…Since my last visit with you I have been mostly noise free or barely there. It no longer has any power and has no where to go. I believe it will no longer exist very soon…”


New York

…I will keep in touch with you. You were my saving grace for the turmoil I went through with my tinnitus.  My tinnitus, on the whole, is much more even, at times lower, and I am not plagued as often with the tunes and other sounds that enter the left ear…



Jennifer Battaglino is among the most talented therapists of our time. Her empathetic nature and comprehensive knowledge of treating chronic illness, Tinnitus, depression, anxiety and phobias set her apart from the rest. Jennifer utilizes a combination of modern and traditional therapies to assist her clients in finding the emotional causes or triggers of their current issues. She then gently leads her clients through the healing process resulting in improved health and happiness. If mental health is the problem, Jennifer Battaglino is the answer.

Lisa M.


I have known Jennifer for over 6 years, as she provided therapy to both my sons over the years. About 3 years ago, I went to Jennifer for hypnosis therapy to address a phobia I’ve had for my entire life – fear of vomiting. I didn’t think I could be hypnotized; I was very cynical. She proved me wrong. She has patiently worked with me on this on and off over the years. The first few sessions were brutal – many aspects of my life came bubbling to the surface that I didn’t even know were still festering. However, thanks to Jennifer, I have come to terms with the underlying issues that caused a lot of pain for me, and I am a much more peaceful person. My phobia has subsided somewhat, and I am much more at ease with the world, and have more control of my own life. We are now working on hypnosis for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She is FANTASTIC!!!!!! I trust her with my life!   

Mary E.

New York

Jennifer Battaglino is an extremely talented hypnotherapist.

My daughter had been exhibiting motor tics for the past five years due to anxiety. Some of the tics were very noticeable and caused other children to tease her, therefore exacerbating the issue. She would develop a particular tic for several months and then it would seemingly disappear only to reappear in another form. I wanted the tics to stop, but more importantly, I wanted the cause, her anxiety, to be reduced to a manageable level.

I finally brought her to Jennifer Battaglino for help – and help she did! It has been over six months since Jennifer worked with my daughter and I haven’t seen a single tic. My daughter’s anxiety has been significantly reduced to a point in which she doesn’t experience it any more intensely than anyone else around her. Jennifer Battaglino is amazing and I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for my daughter and our family!

Nancy L.


Jennifer has worked with my 7 year old autistic son for 5 years. She is by far the best therapist I have ever met. Many therapists generalize the needs of autistic children based on information they’ve read or learned in school. However, anyone that truly gets to know autistic children knows each autistic child is different, and therefore their needs are different. Jennifer has always recognized this fact, and has been able to get amazing results with my son. She understands him and knows how to push his buttons, and his progress has been amazing, thanks to Jennifer. The world needs more people like her; she is not only a great therapist, but has become a great friend as well over the years. She has integrity and does what she needs to do to get results!    

Ellen M.

New York

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