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Tinnitus, Tinitis, tinnitis, tinitus


If you or someone you know are suffering from tinnitus (also known as ringing in the ears, often misspelled tinitus, tinnitis, tenitus) it is important to know that, although some achieve silence or remission, almost everyone can reduce the volume and get their life back. 

  • Do you experience unwanted ringing, hissing, tea kettle, crickets, rushing water, clicking, and/or pulsing sounds?

  • Do you experience any fluctuation in volume or pitch?

  • Are there moments when you are distracted enough not to notice the sound?

  • Does your tinnitus seem to get worse as the day goes on?

  • Is the tinnitus worse in the morning?

  • Do you find it gets worse when you are stressed or in a loud room?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you have the opportunity to improve, possibly remit, and get well.


Where to start:

  1. Before we decide to work together I typically receive the following information:

  • a history of your tinnitus: how it started and how it has progressed

  • What life has been like up to 18 months prior to onset - stressors,

  • relationships, work, health, etc., anything you can think of

  • what, if anything, have you have tried for treatment

  • your current major stressors

  • your expected outcome for the consult

  • your most recent audiogram, if available, faxed to (914) 315-8266


  1. I can then assess if a tinnitus consultation would be useful for you.

  2. When you decide to move forward with a tinnitus consultation, we cover the following via phone, webcam, or in person:

            A consult is approximately 90 minutes in length. We go over everything from what works to what doesn't, medications, supplements, your own personal history with tinnitus, and I answer any questions you might have.   I also teach you practical exercises to do every day to promote habituation and bringing down the volume.  You will have an individualized tinnitus reduction program, including self-hypnosis recordings, at the end of our consultation to implement immediately. 

The fee is US$275.00

            Often, the consult is all you need to continue on the right track to improving, reducing the volume, and feeling better.  If more intervention is needed or you would like to speed up the process, I utilize hypnotherapy, BWRT®, as well as other techniques once you have had the chance to start working on your personalized tinnitus reduction program.  Follow up appointments may range from 30 to 90 minutes. 

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